P-P-P-Pick up a Proton


I have enjoyed 3 good seasons in the MR2 Racing Series and I have been able to develop the car within the regulations as much as I can into a regular front running car.

I have always found the Mk1 to be predictable on the edge and very forgiving, so why am I changing and going to race something that drives through the wrong end ?


Having done the sums,  I can build a competitive Proton Satria GTi in the Nippon Challenge GT150 regs for a similar outlay of the Mk1 MR2's.

The added benefit of the Satria GTi is I can modify and move up a class (or two) in the future.

The Satria will race in the Nippon Challenge Series, that is open to any Asia make.

The available classes are 
Super GT
Subaru Cup
Evo Cup

Classes are based on flywheel BHP and minimum weight, though those 2 limits aside, it's pretty much anything goes.
Super GT is more of Invitation class with machines varied as Suzuki Swift on ITB's to Time Attack Evo's 
Subaru Cup & Evo Cup are run to guidelines.

The Satria will run in the GT150 class.

I plan to (initially) keep standard type Struts (Uprated & Lowered), std size brakes (Uprated Friction and braided lines). with initial modifications being limited to weight reduction, exhaust (manifold back) & air filter.
And of course the safety equipment to keep the nice people from the MSA happy.

I believe the std Satria GTi is around 1111KG and the minimum for GT150 is 910KG including the driver, so there is lots of weight to come out where possible (though I was almost tempted to leave the A/C in !)

Apart from essential work, development has pretty much halted until the end of the season

August Bank Holiday Weekend

 ABS system removed and re-piped & Braided Hoses fitted

Fitted a Cold Air Duct to the Air Filter


Fitted new Timing belt, Idler & Tensioner

Changed the Gearbox Oil


Fitted the Door Bars for the Cage & Modified the Door Panels to clear the Door Bars

DSCF1443   DSCF1441


Fitted the Transponder & Lap Timer

Fitted a De-Cat pipe, though this will be changed for a small silencer to reduce noise and restore a little back pressure

Have ordered a new 6 point Harness


     DSCF1447 DSCF1449  


August 7th & 8th

Work came on in leaps and bounds this weekend.

With the battery now moved to the passenger side floor , I cabled through and made a panel to mount the switch and internal extinguisher pull.

I reinforced the back of the panel with fibreglass and reinforced the console to ensure it does not all come off in my hand in an emergency !


 DSCF1361 DSCF1362 

The 2 external pull cable were fitted to the scuttle, again I used so reinforcing plate to spread the load


I fitted the new springs and shock absorbers along with a new front wheel bearing on the N/S, thanks to Whitehill Garage in Stockport for letting me use their press.

I have now removed the A/C system and while the bumper was off I also fitted a recovery tow strap


 Fitted the Fire Extinguisher and plumbed in the 2 nozzles

I still have the doorbars to fit to the cage but no point while I'm still in and out every 2 minutes.


The Satria is sitting better and will settle a little further




Weekend of the 24th did not see much work on the Proton.

I carried out a post race check over of the MR2 so it's good to go for Cadwell next month, a couple of jobs on the RV took a bit longer than expected.


July 11th & 12th

Work on the Toyota was finished early so I had a day in the garage with the Satria.
With the remainder of the sound proofing off the floors.
Weight Saving    DSCF1162

The cage was trial fitted and spreader plates tacked.

Roll Cage

Cage back out the plates were seam welded and the floor will be painted before the cage goes back in.


This week a steady steam of parts have been arriving from suppliers and with no damage picked up at Lydden Hill in the MR2 I have a few clear weekends of build time.

Though the initial target is for the 2011 race season, I would like to have it finished by Brands Hatch for a shake down run.


Work started over the weekend (3rd & 4th July), having already ordered a cage from Maple Garage Proton at Hull, the weekends plans were to strip the interior and also draw up my list of parts.

Satria GTi    Satria GTi 

Std Interior